Reverse nerve damage without surgery or prescription drugs

Dr. Brian Anderson visited the Great Day Houston set to discuss neuropathy, what causes it, as well as how to the treatment option offered by Blueprint to Neuropathy of Houston can remove the pain caused by nerve damage, and in many cases restore the nerve and it’s function. Dr. Anderson explained how the loss of blood flow caused by a variety of health issues. He also explained how the treatment plan available at Blueprint to Neuropathy of Houston returns the blood flow to damaged arteries which begins the process of angiogenesis. This is the process that enables pain relief and often can reverse the nerve damage that causes the pain as well.

Blueprint to Neuropathy of Houston has a special offer for Great Day Houston viewers. Reserve your spot for the next free neuropathy workshop and meet the doctor to see how they can help you. Call 855-240-3177 and for more information go to

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